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We design and implement the database for client/server application, e-Commerce database-driven website, and persistent framework. The database can be integrated such the functions as integrity checking, application security, CRUD operation auditing, concurrency, and transaction, and also be well suitable to application development, ad-hoc reporting, and even complex query generation.

Some area of database-level technology of our expertise are:

  • Database normalization;
  • Strategy of application security;
  • Strategy of data concurrency;
  • Auditing data plotting;
  • Logging of processing;
  • Fine-graining business and determining business domain of data control;
  • Reflection of object oriented conception on database design;
  • Balancing business logic implementation between domain model and database model

We are expertise in the following DBMS & development:

  • Microsoft SQL Server;
  • IBM DB2;
  • Sybase & Adaptive SQL Server
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